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Traditional Sri Lankan Ayurveda treatments in Split, Croatia.
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Welcome to the Antaari.
Ayurvedic holistic health and wellness spa in Split, Croatia

At Antaari, we offer authentic Ayurveda treatments, traditional Asian massages, wellness programs and beauty treatments. We are bringing you the finest healing means of Ayurveda and the best practices of our skilful Asian therapists. Certainly, They will leave you in serenity and the bliss with the indulgence of their healing hands.

We are warmly welcome you to experience our herbal holistic Asian approach that builds balance and harmony. Our promise to you is the utmost benefits of Ayurveda for a better and longer living.

Our Philosophy

Ayurveda, the system of healing can trace back to the Vedic period. Today, It has been developed into a sophisticated system. But, the fundamentals of Ayurveda hasn’t changed. In fact Ayurveda has always been a part of the daily life. With the historic roots in the ancient Ceylon, Ayurveda has derived an alternative medical system to the wellness world.

Ayurveda believes that well-being depends on the balance between mind, body and the soul. Therefore, Ayurveda brings holistic solutions to support the wellness. In its absence, the risk of being sick is high.

Ceylon Ayurveda is a system which has been developed over thousands of years from one generation to another. It has no doubt, that the knowledge of Ayurveda has been preserved and passed down by Ayurvedic practitioners to become more advance system. Today, Ayurveda is heavily used by Sri Lankan people as an alternative to western medicine.

Ayurveda is one great practice which creates peace and harmony in the nature, planet and in the humankind.


Antaari wellness spa in split

Our Concept

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is already taking global attention. Many tourists are travelling to Sri Lanka to get Ayurvedic treatments and to enjoy the Sri Lankan hospitality.

The spa name ‘Antaari’ is influenced by the God’s name of  Dhanvantari who is devoted to Ayurveda.

The spa logo is a recreation of ‘Narilatha’ which is an ancient design founded in various Sri Lankan paintings and crafts. It is believed that it can bring a good spirit and luck. The design is based on the female shape mystical flower. We recreated our logo with Narilatha and Danvantari’s herbal pot on her hand to symbolise our approach of serving. It resembles the clean, modern, balanced methodology to depict our spa remaining with good spirits, old traditions and in a minimalist modern setting.

Antaari brings you the authentic healing benefits of Sri Lankan AYURVEDA close to you.


Our Aproach


In the cultural history of Sri Lanka, we are famously known for hospitality, service, politeness, and natural respect for the guests. We create a friendly one-to-one relationship that is between a host and a guest’s for the fulfilment of Five senses. 

Fulfilment of Five senses

Our effort is to create an environment that touches your five senses. We have designed and arranged the spa to enjoy your momentum of relaxation. We have created a minimalist décor with earthy, heavenly colours. In the background, music will be playing to ease your journey to attain calmness and a spiritual dream. The smell of natural aromas will defuse to take your stress away. We also have provided you with comfortable organic cotton towels, drapes, and robes for you to feel so good. Indeed, Treatments are accompanied with healthy natural refreshing tea or drinks to give you an instant boost. Above all, the spa ambient will fulfil together with the healing touches and beautiful smiles from our therapists.

Indeed, our aim is to fulfil your dream spa experience. Therefore, our effort is to create an environment that can unwind and enjoy the relaxation.

We use only finest products

In our spa, you will find absolutely the best, pure organic products such as oils, teas, skincare and cosmetics products and the premium organic cottons, just to make you happy and fulfil.


by Antaari

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We are located in a private block moment away from Old town of Split, which provide you calmness and the tranquility surround with nature. On arrival please enter to the spa by opening the metal gate on bribirska ulica. 


Bribirska Ulica 2, Split

Open Hours

Mon-Sun  9.00- 20.00


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