We aim to create an enjoyable and relaxing moment at our spa. Your feedback is greatly appreciated so that we can improve and provide you with the best experience of total relaxation with body and mind. Here are some of our suggestions to make your stay peaceful and enjoyable.


Please book spa treatments well in advance although we do accept walk-ins. But, it depends on the space availability and please call us to find the availability before you are coming. Paid bookings are honoured. We reserve time and space for you once we have received the booking fee. Rest of the bookings, we serve on a first-come basis. In that way, we can reduce the No-Shows and organise our schedules more effectively. Your Scheduled treatment times can be changed free of charge, if other times are available.


If you wish to cancel your treatment please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid the cancellation fee.
Cancellation fees are 30% if you cancel between 24-12 hours, 50% if you cancel between 12-6 hours, 75% between 6-3 hours.
After 3 hours payments made are non-refundable and only we offer to reschedule an appointment and it depends on the availability ahead.


Please attend the spa before the 15 minutes of scheduled time and also not earlier than 30 minutes.


Some of the massage oils are thick and may have a light herbal colour. They can also be sticky. Our advice is you to when you come to the spa to find a dress that makes you more comfortable and relax, also not to dress with fancy and expensive wear. We always recommend to have the oil on your skin at least 3 hours before rinse.


In an event that you are running late, we will endeavour to conduct your full treatment. However, treatment will be shortened if there is a booking immediately afterwards. If the time is too short to conduct a full treatment, We may refuse and consider as No Show. If you are getting late, It is a good thing to let us know always.


We would like to give you the best spa experience and thus all our customers. The centre is maintained in a quiet environment to maximise our effort. Therefore we would kindly request you to step on quietly to admire all other’s moment of relaxation. Separate pairs of clean slippers will be provided to you at the entrance. It is recommended that you keep your mobile devices on silent during your stay. Our free drink menu awaits for you to sip a refreshing cup of tea or a drink especially made for you.
It is advised to fill out the health form, if you have any specific health conditions please inform us. Gender-specific therapists (female/male) are available for your choice where in some cases we place them on availability. Mainly, male therapists are available for men and female therapists are available for females, but not restricted.


Treatment rooms are designed for you to change your clothes with boxes and hangers to place your belongings. Organic cotton robes are provided for you to feel the exact comfort of our service. You can undress up to the level of your comfort.
Ayurveda treatments are holistic and medicated oils will apply during the treatments. Some treatments are carried head to toe. Therefore, It may need access to the whole body based on the type of the chosen treatment. It is advised to remain calm and in silence to gain the maximum benefit of the massage. You may even sleep, which is perfectly fine. You are required to inform the therapists for any specific concerns (preferably before the session). If massage pressures are inadequate or excess, you are welcome to speak to the therapist otherwise maintain the silence


Original medicated and aromatic oils are used in our treatments enriched with quality and natural herbal based ingredients. Depending on the contents some oils may have strong odour and thickness as well as stickiness. Your therapist will remove excess oil from your body when required. Some may find it uncomfortable to have these oils on the body after treatments, but it is strongly advised to keep these oils on your skin up to 3 hours until it is properly absorbed to work on your skin to nourish, rejuvenate and heal your conditions. Showers taken immediately after a treatment will not remove these essential oils instantly and therefore we recommend to keep them for a while.
Take time to enjoy a tea or a herbal drink to conclude the treatment and please take your time to review our service.
To obtain the utmost benefits of the treatment, you will need time to relax and thus we recommend you to keep a considerable free time after the treatment sessions. It’s a good idea to refrain from large meals and alcohol in the hours leading up to your treatment, too.