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Do apologise in advance that we had to limit the number of treatments, including beauty treatments as we have planned, due to the coronavirus impact. Currently, We are facing problems with the supply chain. Our female therapists are also awaiting, but the Croatian embassy in India has not opened yet. We hope the near future things will become more positive and, we would be able to provide the best ayurvedic experience in Europe. The good thing is that now we can open and function with a minimum but still we promise to make a better impact.

Please note: we have created a temporary spa menu, services and prices may change later.  Oils and herbs warps we used in the spa brought from Sri Lanka and they have prepared under strict conditions in accordance with ayurveda formula to give maximum benefits.


Marma Abhayanga 90 minutes

Head to toe full body treatment with pressing acupoints for 90 minutes using ayurveda oils. perfect for a recovery.


Abhyanga 90 minutes

Head to toe full body treatment with 90 minutes using ayurveda oils. Perfect for relaxation


Abhyanga 60 minutes

Head to toe full body treatment using Ayurveda oils.


Head and foot

Head Shoulder and foot

head and shoulder 45 minutes and feet 30 minutes using ayurveda oils


Head and shoulders​

head and shoulders and neck using ayurveda oils for 50 minutes ​


Foot massage​

35 minutes of feet massage using ayurveda oils​


Head massage​

Just a head massage using ayurvedic oils for 30 minutes​


Special Treatments

Abhayanga with herbal compress - 70mns/100mns

Head to toe full body treatment using Ayurveda oil followed by herbal hot bag massage. (steamed herbal mix compressed and wrapped like a ball in a cotton fabric)

€55.00/ €80.00

Shirodhara - 1 hour

mind and body relaxation. Massage followed by Ayurveda oil being poured in consistent manner to the 3rd eye.


Abhyanga+ herbal compress + Shirodara - 120 minutes

Complete treatment package of 2 hours will give you a ultimate relaxation and pain relief.


If you are suffering for sciatica, back pain,  shoulder pain, leg pain or nerve break down due to over work, or sport injury please contact us for specific treatments. We also treat to ease Arthritis pain. please contact us.

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We are located moment away from Old town Split in a tranquil and calm private block surrounded by nature. 

Whatsapp : 00385 955 670 607

Open 9.00 – 20.00

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